Here you can find all my previous posts:
Date Title
2020-09-17 MS -- “Nilpotent elements and reductive subgroups over a local field”
2020-02-29 MS -- “Reductive subgroup schemes of a parahoric group scheme”
2019-10-24 Mary Wheeler gives the Wiener Lectures at Tufts University
2019-09-06 Groups and Geometries workshop in Banff
2019-03-23 Two talks in the NIU Colloquium
2019-03-11 Dave Richeson gives the Martin Guterman Lecture
2018-11-25 Workshop for Jens Carsten Jantzen’s 70th birthday
2018-06-14 Southeast Lie Theory workshop at the Univ of Georgia
2018-05-30 Lyon meeting on algebraic groups
2018-04-23 AMS sectional meeting at Northeastern University
2018-04-14 Representations of Finite & Algebraic Groups (MSRI)
2017-12-09 Ken Ono gives the Norbert Wiener Lectures
2017-09-15 ARTIN workshop
2017-09-09 Pseudo-reductive workshop at Newcastle University
2016-09-26 AMS sectional meeting at Bowdoin College
2016-07-30 Worshop at the Centre Intrafacultaire Bernoulli (EPFL)
2016-06-01 Institut Mittag-Leffler workshop
2016-04-09 Noam Elkies gives the Norbert Wiener Lectures
2014-04-23 Skip Garibaldi gives the Norbert Wiener Lectures