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2023-05-07 Talk in special session "Parahoric group schemes and nilpotent sections" reductive-groups, nilpotent-orbits, special-session
2023-05-05 talk at UC Santa Cruz "Reductive subgroup schemes of a parahoric group scheme" reductive-groups, seminar
2023-04-13 AGeNTs seminar - Elijah Bodish (MIT) AGeNTs, representation-theory
2023-04-06 AGeNTs seminar - Julia Hartmann (UPenn) AGeNTs, algebra, local-global-problems, patching
2023-03-16 AGeNTs seminar - Pham Huu Tiep (Rutgers) AGeNTs, finite-groups, representation-theory
2023-02-27 AGeNTs seminar - Asher Auel (Dartmouth) AGeNTs, Brauer-group, algebraic-geometry
2022-03-19 Special session on Linear Algebraic Groups reductive-groups, representation-theory
2021-11-20 notes for a talk on "reductive subgroups over a local field" local-fields, reductive-groups, talk-slides
2021-07-06 Some tools for computer algebra
2021-04-23 Oberwolfach Algebraic Groups (virtual) meeting workshop, algebraic groups, mathematics

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